The trip to Germany

Tuesday, July 24th.

At last we went to Germany, to order our first chastity-belt.

We made an appointment with NEOSTEEL.

We had great fun during the 4 hour drive to the Westerwald.

The weather was fine, the traffic not too dense and the landscape


Malberg is a small village, cute and very quiet.


We arrived in Malberg and decided to check out where we have to be the next


It is not at all difficult to find, so we left Malberg and took a room in a

Hotel in Altenkirchen for the night.

We took a stroll through the town and had dinner in a very, very good


We took a look at some shops there too.

They are quite hip, they sell whips in a local clothingstore.

There were only three different sorts, but whips none the less.

The next day, after a good night's sleep, we drove to Malberg and we rang

the doorbell right on time (we assumed).

A voice through the intercom: "...why are you a day late...?"

We took a deep breath and examined the invitation.

Oops, should have been on Tuesday, not on Wednesday.

Fortunately, Mr. Mende was kind enough to give us a second chance and an

hour later we were being welcomed in his own home.

We apologized a hundred times, shame on us!!!

We sat down in the showroom and saw all kinds of CB's.

For women, men and shemales.

Everything a CB lover could ask for can be found in this room.

We decided to take a shemale total hipbelt. The next step was going to be

taking the

measurements. That wasn't so bad..gloske even could keep his underwaer

on...for now.

After a couple of minutes waiting the the real measuringkit was


Then the fun really started.

Gloske had to strip naked and as a big surprise there was only one


where a little something had to be inserted :-)

My gloske is a really good trained boy on that point, so it doesn't give to

much trouble :-)

At last glos could put his clothes back on and we went to the showroom again

where the last details would be taken care of.

We wanted lots of extra's, more D-rings, the newest penis-tube and an extra


Then it was time for the most difficult part of our visit: to pay the bill


We finished our drinks and said goodbye to Mr. Mende.

We thanked him for the excellent service and drove home, waiting in

anticipation for the next six weeks...

Odesa en gloske{O}...


Yes, the chastity-belt has arrived.

But, unfortunately, it doesn't fit.

We immediately emailed to Germany and three weeks later we got an

appointment to demonstrate the problem.

Saturday, September 30th (which is today, and I'm fighting against my sleep

as I write this) we made the trip to Malberg again.

Got up at 5, on the road at 6 and finally there at 10 o'clock.

This time the Lady of the house welcomed us as well.

After some chitchat we went to the 'dressing room' and started to work on

the problem.

Eventually, after a lot of try-outs, measurements, bending etc. the

chastity-belt fitted.

It didn't need any adjusting at all.


We went back to the showroom and chatted about little things. We felt very


Herr und Frau Mende, vielen Dank!